Founded in 1933 in Trieste, Illy makes unmistakably velvety coffee from pure Arabica beans. An all-day café in the grand tradition of Italian bars, Il Gran Caffè Illy is an upscale, full-service Italian coffee bar offering high-quality, expertly roasted caffè, and housemade pastries and panini.


Every day, our bakers create the unique Pizza alla Pala, a favourite street food from Roma. This thin-crust pizza is named after the wooden “pala,” or paddle, on which it is served. Ready to enjoy on the go, these traditional Italian flatbreads are topped with a variety of fresh sliced meats, cheeses, and local seasonal vegetables.


La Salumeria offers a selection of delicious panini and sandwiches for a high-quality meal on-the-go. Served on our housemade breads, the sandwiches are filled with the finest local and Italian meat, cheese, and vegetables, sourced from the best producers in Italy and Canada.


Eataly North America Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu was trained in Torino, Italy, the home of Eataly’s pastry program. In keeping with Italian tradition, Katia and her team of pastry chefs pay meticulous attention to the quality of their creations, selecting only the finest ingredients from Italy and North America. From traditional biscotti to bite-sized pasticcini to cakes, indulge in the sweet side of being Italian.