At Eataly, we are proud to offer the best Italian products made by our regional farmers, bakers, and pasta makers. We choose to work with producers who share our passion for making the highest quality food and drink accessible to everyone, helping us deliver extra virgin olive oil, San Marzano tomatoes, and air-dried pasta to your doorstep. Italy has never been so close.


Since 1848, Afeltra has crafted its celebrated pasta in Gragnano, Campania. Following tradition, the pastificio uses water from Monti Lattari, extrudes the pasta through a bronze dye, and air dries each shape in the Mediterranean breeze.


Located in the southern region of Campania, Rigorosa is rigorous in selecting the highest quality ingredients and following time-honored techniques. The resulting bronze-extruded and air-dried pasta is enjoyed in Italy and across the world.

Il Pastaio di Gragnano

Pastaio di Gragnano crafts its world-renowned pasta by guiding a sheet of fresh dough through a bronze mold and air drying each shape for 24 to 48 hours. The resulting pasta is the perfect al dente consistency to stick to sauce.

Così com'è

For more than 25 years, Fianagricola, the small 24-farm cooperative that produces Così Com’è tomatoes in the fertile Piana del Sale of Campania, has been dedicated to carefully cultivating local produce varieties, from seed to jar.

Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich a critically-acclaimed chef, restaurateur, author, TV personality, and Eataly partner. She combines her love of cooking and family in her line of authentic products, including air-dried pasta shapes and traditional sauces.


Urbani Tartufi is the world’s most esteemed distributor of the revered truffle. Hunted in the hills of central and northern Italy, the truffle boasts earthy aromas and deep flavors. Urbani will ship fresh summer and winter truffles to your doorstep.

Nasca Portofino

Founded by Portofino residents, Niasca Portofino’s goal is to restore local traditions, reuse abandoned land, and create high-quality products. Made with local ingredients, their products offer a taste of the land that their proceeds benefit.


In 1890, Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill in the hills of Liguria to press local Taggiasca olives. Over 100 years later, the Boeri family continues to use a traditional stone press for Roi’s sustainable olive oil, pesto, and more.

La dispensa di Amerigo

In 1934, husband and wife Amerigo and Agnese opened a trattoria rooted in the regional recipes of their beloved Emilia-Romagna. Today, Trattoria da Amerigo still celebrates the best of the region – and now bottles it with a line of products.


Since its creation in 1857, Leone has been offering delicious confections in its shop in Alba, Piemonte. From artisanal chocolates to bronze-molded candies, the flavor and design of each treat reflects a sense of history and place.


Acetomodena produces authentic balsamic vinegar following the age-old traditions of Emilia-Romagna, the birthplace of vinegar production. Each product in the line is made with the highest quality of grapes, ensuring a delicious condiment.


This mineral water comes directly from Fonte Santa Barbara di Lurisia, a natural spring at the base of the western Alps in Piemonte. Exceptionally balanced, it is refreshing on its own and the perfect base for Lurisia’s line of carbonated drinks.

Golosi di Salute

Eataly Pastry Chef Luca Montersino created Golosi di Salute – “gluttons for health” – to offer healthier but still delectable pastries and confections, substituting olive oil for butter, honey for refined white sugar.


In 1878, Silvano Venchi developed the same recipes for artisanal chocolates used today. He aimed to create an extraordinary experience using only the finest natural ingredients, such as cocoa, vanilla, and the famous Piemontese IGP hazelnut.


For four generations, the Michelis family has been making artisanal baked goods in the village of Mondovi in the region of Piemonte. Following traditional techniques, the bakery uses only the highest quality local ingredients.

Diana’s Seafood

Founded in Toronto in 1986, Diana’s Seafood directly sources all their fish and seafood through their close relationships to the fishermen and docks around the world and across Canada, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.


Founded in Trieste in the 1930s by Francesco Illy, the company has been a leader in coffee innovation, making expertly roasted Italian coffee made from the finest Arabica beans sourced from all over the world.

Mulino Marino

Since 1956, Mulino Marino has been milling organic stoneground flour in the heart of the Langhe valley in Piemonte. Using stone mills and Italian grains, they produce high-quality flour, which Eataly uses every day to bake fresh bread in our panetteria.

Mario Fongo

With a passion for baking, the Fongo family opened their first bakery in Piemonte in 1945. The bakery produces high-quality baked goods both traditional and innovative, from the classic grissini to the unique “lingue di suocera” flatbread crackers.