How to Trim an Artichoke

trimming artichokes

Spring is here, which means we’re reveling in our favourite dishes! One of the season’s most flavourful ingredients, the thistly artichoke is a delicious addition to the table — but its spiked leaves can intimidate.

This season, learn how to trim artichokes with our guide!

1. Prepare. Fill a large bowl with water and lemon juice, to be used after the trimming process.

2. Start cutting. Cut off the stem, leaving an inch or two below the artichoke. Remove any hard, darker outer leaves.

3. Peel away. When you see the light-green portion of the artichoke, peel any tough skin off the outside of the stem.

4. Slice. Angling the artichoke with the leaf tips down, slice off the top of the leaves, and discard.

5. Discard the choke. 

If leaving the artichoke whole, place it upside down on the counter and press firmly to reveal the center. Use a small paring knife to cut out and discard the hairy choke.

If slicing the artichoke, cut it in half the long way, then into quarters. Then, simply cut out the choke with a paring knife, as if coring an apple.

6. Think green. To prevent the artichoke from browning, dip it in the lemon water, and then prepare as desired (we love this Roman recipe).

Happy trimming!

3 artichokes

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