The Story of Cocchi

Historical Image of Giulio Cocchi's factory

Over the last 130 years, Cocchi has become a name known around the world for its iconic vermouth, Americano aperitifs, sparkling wines, and more. 


The story of Cocchi starts with a young and creative pastry chef, Giulio Cocchi, who made the journey from Florence to his new home in Asti, a small town located in the northwest of Italy. Fascinated by the city’s food and beverage traditions, its position as the Moscato grape capital, and the local sentiment to blend wines with herbs and spices, Giulio Cocchi made Asti the base of his distillery and wine-making process.

By 1913, Giulio’s brought his vision of seeing his original recipes in bars and retailers to life through several Cocchi tasting bars scattered across Piemonte, four of which are still active to this day. 

Historical Photo of Bar Cocchi


At the beginning of the 20th century, Giulio Cocchi, founder of Cocchi, hoped to create spaces where people could taste his original recipes: Barolo Chinato, Americano aperitif, Vermouth, and more. While there were once a dozen Cocchi bars throughout Piemonte only four remain today, including the iconic Bar Cocchi located in Piazza Alfieri, the heart of Asti, which is a city landmark.


Since 1891, Cocchi has become known around the world for their wine-based aperitivi, from the classic Americano created by Giulio Cocchi to new variations like Cocchi Rosa and, of course, the Storico Vermouth di Torino, a Piemontese vermouth that contributed to the revival and interest in vermouth around the world.

Cocchi bottles and cocktails on a wooden table with food

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