The Art of Chocolate

Assortment of chocolate on a table

At Eataly, we love chocolate. We love its rich, complex flavours and versatility in form and use.

A staple in Italian cuisine today, chocolate has not always been available in Italy. Spaniards first introduced cocoa to Italy in the 16th century by trading in the port city Venezia, having brought back this commodity from Central America.

After tasting the rich treat on a royal visit to the Veneto, the House of Savoy was immediately struck. Can you imagine tasting chocolate for the first time? They immediately brought chocolate to their court in Torino, the capital of Piemonte (and the home of Eataly!), and its popularity quickly spread.

Today, artisanal chocolatiers create delicious confections across Italy, using only the highest quality ingredients and incorporating local flavours (think: Caffarel’s gianduja’s IGP hazelnuts of Piemonte, Venchi’s classic cremini assortment of Torino, and Sabadi’s grainy modica of Sicilia). And the Italian take on hot chocolate? Must be tasted to be believed. Rich, dark, and incredibly flavourful, this drink is among the best in the world and named for the Savoy family who spread the good word: cioccolata di Savoia.

In other words: the phrase “la dolce vita” may not have been referring to chocolate specifically, but we believe that il cioccolato is a key part of the sweet life.

Now, you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of chocolate by conducting an official tasting! Whether on your own or with like-minded friends, our chocolate tasting guide will give you the key to call yourself a chocolate expert.

Italian hot chocolate


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