Dry-Aged Weekend at Eataly Toronto

Just in time for the long weekend, Dry Aged Weekend is here! We’re kicking off our month of sales with prime cuts from Woodward Meat Purveyors and Creekstone Farms at 30% off from September 3-6, 2020.


Just in time for the long weekend, join us for Dry Aged Weekend with 30% off select cuts, including Creekstone Farms’ Bone-In New York Strip, and Woodward Meat Purveyors’ Prime Dry-Aged Porterhouse, Prime Dry-Aged New York Strip Steak and Prime Dry-Aged Ribeyes. Dry-Aged Weekend starts Thursday, September 3 and runs through Sunday, September 6.*

From Woodward Meat Purveyors
Prime Dry-Aged Porterhouse $24.43/lb (down from $34.90)
Prime Dry-Aged NY Striploin $24.43/lb (down from $34.90)
Prime Dry-Aged Ribeyes $25.13/lb (down from $35.90)

From Creekstone Farms
Bone-In Striploin $38.43/lb (down from $54.90)

Our butchers source all of our prime meat from clean, sustainable farms and ranches where the animals graze daily in open pastures and are humanely handled. We believe that the health of both the animals and the land on which they are raised has a direct impact on the quality and flavour of the meat once it reaches your table, so our meat will never ever have contact with antibiotics, added hormones, or growth-promoting drugs.

Dry aging is the process of allowing large cuts of meat to rest in a controlled, open-air environment for an extended period of time. This allows enzymes in the meat to break down the proteins and concentrate the flavours, resulting in tender meat with a rich and complex flavour that is unique to dry-aged beef.

Shop in-store starting at 9 a.m.order online with Instacart, or order directly with us for same-day pick-up or delivery from our catalogue. Once you’ve grabbed your cuts, follow our butcher’s guide to grilling.

*While supplies last. Certain restrictions apply.

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