Gelato at Eataly

gelato in cups

At Eataly, we believe that gelato and sorbetto are appropriate in any season and at any time of day. These treats are smooth, perfectly sweet, and frozen to perfection.

In fact, our gelato and sorbetto are the only products frozen inside all of Eataly! Every day, our team makes small batches of these frozen treats using the highest quality ingredients, including whole milk from local dairies, pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, and choice Venchi chocolates from Torino (Eataly’s birthplace!).

Gelato may be the Italian take on ice cream, but there is a world of difference.

Both have a similar base, but gelato is made with a higher proportion of milk than cream. It’s also churned at a much slower rate, which means less air is incorporated, leaving the gelato with a denser consistency than ice cream. Plus, served at a slightly warmer temperature (around 10 to 15 degrees), gelato’s signature texture is silkier and softer than ice cream. And because it also has less fat — which coats the palate — its main flavour ingredient is able to truly shine through!

When you come in for a visit, enjoy our array of cups and take-home containers!!

gelato scoop