Embrace the Summer with Village Juicery

Juices from Village Juicery

How do you like to enjoy the summer season? Here at Eataly, we enjoy each of the four seasons by celebrating the different types of food and drinks that come along with it! During the summer, we love to keep food fresh, simple, and easy to enjoy on-the-go so that we can soak up the outdoors and Village Juicery serves exactly that.

Whether you’re kicking off the day with fresh juices and energy jars to keep you satisfied for hours or sipping on cold pressed juices that celebrate all the best flavours of the summer, there are a wide range of offerings in our fridge from Village Juicery.

Sharing our collective passion for high-quality food, Village Juicery’s products are made fresh daily and are delivered regularly to Eataly Toronto’s marketplace.

Too busy soaking up the summer sun? You can also enjoy and shop for Village Juicery’s products on our online marketplace!


Hydrate & Refresh

Snacks and Juices from Village Juicery

Beat the heat this summer with Village Juicery’s wide range of juices that are made using only certified organic ingredients. Their juices are cold-pressed and raw, using absolutely no UV light, heat, pressure, or any other preservatives. This is what makes their juices so fresh, bright, and delicious.

Refreshing Booster Shots

Booster shot from Village Juicery

Fresh, Organic, Powerful Booster Shots! Designed by their team of nutritionists in Toronto, Village Juicery’s booster shots are built to give you whatever boost you need from recovery, to supporting your immune system, to getting a better night’s sleep. The booster shots are helpful all season long!

Simple & Straightforward Grab-and-Go Lunches

Village Juicery Juices and Salads

Want to enjoy a refreshing meal or snack in a hurry?

Village Juicery’s soups, salads, wraps, breakfast jars and snacks are certified organic, made fresh, and nutritionist designed. Whether you’re interested in a fresh salad or wrap, Village Juicery’s lunches are easy for on-the-go breakfasts, lunches or dinners!

Ready for a taste? Visit the Village Juicery fridge in our marketplace or shop online