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Founded in the 1950s by their namesake, Silvio Carta, this iconic company based in Sardinia has devoted their years to developing everything from their traditional Vernaccia di Oristano, an amber gold Sardinian wine, to innovative creations including Mirto, London Dry Gin, Vermouth, and other spirits.  At Eataly you’ll find a variety of Silvio Carta’s liqueurs and spirits for your at-home bar.

Sharing our passion for bringing high-quality products to our marketplace, Eataly is excited to offer some of their innovative creations in-store including Mirto, London Dry Gin, Vermouth, and other spirits.

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Over time, Silvio’s son, Elio, joined the founder and started the production of traditional liqueurs and high quality distillates starting from a very simple idea: to transform the fruits of nature into products capable of representing Sardinia in the world. Every bottle that is produced is the story of an entire island. The company produces respecting the territory in which it operates. It is equipped with a photovoltaic system capable of powering the production with maximum energy savings and zero carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.


Limonello, Liqu, Elicriso and Mirto, the four essences of Sardinia, are also four of Silvio Carta’s unique specialties. Silvio Carta has a particular focus on myrtle liqueur – obtained only from berries or from berries with leaves –  whose recipe has a history dating back to the early 19th century in Sardinia, enriched and improved throughout the years by the Silvio Carta family.

In the terrible winter of 1939 – marked by frost and famine – the population of Baratili San Pietro was saved from hunger thanks to that precious and abundant fruit: the myrtle. Thus, to enhance the conservation of the berries, Elio Carta’s grandmother placed a handful of fruits in a measuring cup of Vernaccia spirit, which was already produced by the family. And so, the myrtle-based ‘Ricetta Storica’ ’ liqueur recipe – the ‘ultimate’ Myrtle liqueur – was born.


Close up of the Vermouth Silvio Carta di Sardegna bottle


According to Silvio Carta, the history of Sardinian Gin has the charm of the forbidden. Following the Second World War, an intense distillation activity developed on the island. Despite the risk and the fear of being discovered, the inhabitants distilled everything the land had to offer.

In the area of ​​Oristano, Vernaccia and juniper dominated. The filu ‘e ferru – known as grappa – was produced from the distillation of the pomaces, l’abbardenti from the wine, while the juniper spirit was called GINIU, from the Sardinian ‘Giniperu’ (juniper plant).

Around the early 1960s, demand faded until 2013, when the Silvio Carta company – forecasting the distilled product renaissance – decided to bet everything on the discontinuous distillation to get the best out of every raw material like juniper and Vernaccia pomaces.

This is how the company’s Gin poker (Giniu, Pigskin, Boigin, Grifu) was born, together with the refined and aged Grappe and the world’s only Brandy of Vernaccia.

Silvio Carta's history