Order Delivery from Eataly Toronto on UberEats

Eataly Toronto Uber Eats

Eataly Toronto now delivers a selection of our favourite dishes straight to your door with UberEats.

Fresh from the Eataly kitchens to your table, you can now place orders directly on UberEats from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. every day. To support the community, UberEats is currently offering free delivery. Explore the menu to bring home dishes from La Pizza & La Pasta, Pizza alla Pala, plus sparkling Italian sodas and our homemade tiramisù for dessert.


pizza napoletana eataly


Get a taste of two pizza traditions: authentic pizza napoletana and Roman-style pizza alla pala. Following centuries-old Neapolitan techniques, our dough-slinging pizzaioli knead, shape, and bake every Neapolitan pizza by hand. Eataly has teamed up with the experts at Rossopomodoro, a Napoli-based pizza company, to bring you traditional Neapolitan pizza, with its soft, elastic crust and seasonal toppings.

Not in the mood for a round pie? Try pizza alla pala, a thin-crust pizza named after the wooden pala, or “paddle,” on which it is served. These traditional Italian flatbreads are topped with a variety of freshly sliced meats, cheeses and local seasonal vegetables, then sliced into squares. Each pizza alla pala is 8 slices, so you can share with everyone at home (or not).

spaghetti al pomodoro recipe


Our chefs cook with both housemade fresh pasta and air-dried, bronze-extruded Afeltra pasta from Campania, Italy. Our dry pasta is always al dente, just like in Italy, balanced with complementary fresh, seasonal ingredients and regional Italian sauces.

Our fresh pasta is made in-house with semola di grano duro (durum wheat semolina), water, and fresh eggs, transforming simple ingredients into intricate pasta shapes inspired by the rich traditions of every Italian region. From housemade ravioli to lasagne, each dish offers the comforts of classic Italian past traditions.