shovel in soil

Earth Day at Eataly Toronto

Earth Day reminds us to celebrate our planet, protect the environment, and reflect upon our impact as humans. So this …

Niasca Portofino Farm

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week from Home

From biodiverse ingredients to creating less waste in the kitchen, here are five ways to bring Earth Week celebrations into your own home this year.

Bunches of carrots

Eating from Root to Shoot

In this guide to no waste eating, get simple tricks to incorporate the entire fruit or vegetable — from its root to its shoot.

fresh pici pasta

Pici all’Aglione Recipe

Learn how to make pici pasta the way the Italian cooks do in Tuscany with a simple, step-by-step recipe that focuses on quality ingredients.

Crostini con Piselli

Crostini con Piselli Recipe

Topped with fresh peas, lemon zest, mint & ricotta, these crunchy pea crostini are perfect for a springtime picnic. Get the recipe!

trimming artichokes

How to Trim an Artichoke

Carciofi, or artichokes, are among the most delicious spring vegetables but their thistles may intimidate. Get our guide for how to trim them!