antipasto board

3 Dishes to Make This Month

Need some culinary inspiration this summer? We’ve got you covered. 

prosciutto and melon

The Story of Prosciutto e Melone

When it comes to quick & breezy summer eating, prosciutto e melone is an Italian summer staple – but why do we eat these two foods together? Get the tale!

Pasta all’Arrabbiata Recipe

Our simple recipe will take you all of 30 minutes to prepare while delivering a complex depth of flavour. Get the recipe, then shop the ingredients today!

antipasto board

How to Build an Antipasto Platter

The antipasto platter is the answer to every host’s prayers. Sweet yet salty, elegant but easy, the platter promises to satisfy all …

summer sale

Sale into Summer at Eataly Toronto

Ready to “sale” into summer with us? From June 1-28, shop up to 65% OFF fresh, housemade, locally sourced and Italian products …

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3 Ways to Celebrate the Victoria Day Weekend

Step up your long weekend game this Victoria Day with an authentic Italian meal featuring high-quality Italian ingredients, ready-to-eat meals, …