In-Person Class: Spotlight-on Lasagne alla Bolognese

Cooking Classes

Sep 9th 2022
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
La Scuola

$CAD 100.00


When you think of Italian lasagna, you’re probably thinking of Lasagne alla Bolognese, a traditional dish from Emilia-Romagna. This recipe features egg pasta layered with “Bolognese” ragù (named for Bologna, the capital of of Emilia-Romagna), and creamy béchamel. We know, it's no surprise that this tasty dish is one of the most ancient pasta recipes on record. Once you try it, you want to be eating it for centuries yet to come.

“Chi guarda a maggioranza spesse volte s'inganna: grane di pepe vince per virtú lasagne.” 

“He who looks at magnitude is often mistaken: a grain of pepper conquers lasagne with its strength.”

Jacopone da Todi wrote this quartina in the 13th century, proving that lasagne is indeed one of the oldest types of pasta in Italy. Accordingly, lasagne has layers (see what we did there?) of history.

The baked dish is often assumed to be from Emilia-Romagna, the northern region known for its rich ingredients and fertile land. However, rectangular sheets of pasta were first layered with a creamy sauce in the south, around Napoli, in the Middle Ages. It wasn’t until the 19th century when lasagne experienced a belated renaissance in Bologna. The recipe was baked as a dish of honour prepared by noble families to demonstrate their wealth of ingredients.

Today, lasagne is traditionally served with creamy béchamel and ragù alla bolognese, but there are hundreds of tasty variations that you can bake! Follow our five-step guide, and you’ll be a lasagne whiz in no time.

Join us for a unique experience which includes learning how to prepare lasagne simultaneously with our chef. You will then get the change to taste your creation along with a curated appetizer prepared by our chef.


In this class guests will:

  • Learn about the story behind the dish and how to prepare it at home
  • Enjoy an appetizer prepared by our chef and your very own lasagna
  • Sip on wine and learn how to pair the right pasta shapes and sauces
  • Take home the menu, adapted recipes, wine tasting notes, and the fresh pasta they have made



  • Antipasto board with Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, and Grissini
  • Lasagna con Ragù alla Bolognese


Additional Information 

  • Please note, we can accomodate dairy free and nut free allergy dietary restrictions. 
  • Please notify us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. If we are not notified ahead of time of any special needs, we may not be able to accommodate them. 
  • All guests planning to consume alcohol must be able to produce valid government-issued identification to prove they are 19 or older. 
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  • Class duration is approximate and may vary by 10-15 minutes.

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